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Geaux Network is a multimedia broadcast company that currently hosts live radio shows and podcasts. We allow our community of viewers and listeners the ability to feel as though they are a part of what they are consuming through collaborative and innovative entertainment.


We create, record, produce, edit and promote your podcasts

TV on the GeauX

We will be offering live television in linear format, with programs curated for our audience. We will showcase, both standard and independently created content!

Live Radio Shows

We play live radio shows of all topics and the best indie music on our live stream

Focused on changing the world by changing the lens in which we view it through.
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Katleen St Fleur is an award winning Emerson graduate known for her hustle, voice, and personality. She has a passion for storytelling and molded it into a positive platform.

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Dmitriy Monakhov was interested in tech at a young age and has been professionally in IT and broadcasting for over a decade. He is dedicated to learning the newest tech.

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Jehue Francois developed his love for science and music at a young age. He has since sought out a means to execute his blueprint for what he imagined the world could become.

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